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We are a full-service hard money lending company, providing fast and flexible financing to real estate investors — with bridge loan rates as low as 6.50% and rental loan rates as low as 3.95%.

Bridge Loans

Whether it’s your first flip or your 100th, we’ve got you coveredno appraisal fee, no application fee, up to 90% purchase LTV with 100% rehab funding.

Rental Loans

Long-term products to finance rental propertiesportfolios and single rentals. ARMs and 30-year-fixed programs available with interest only or fully amortizing payment options.

Low and competitive cost

Low cost financing to keep more money in your pocket.

Fast and easy process

We know you’re busy, so our process is designed to get you in and out quickly and effortlessly.

Custom-built experience

We know each deal is unique, so we provide flexibility, we will work with you to make sure your investment gets to the closing table.

Dedicated support team

Whether it’s your first property or your 100th, we’ve got you covered—our team is standing by to find the product best suited to your investment needs.

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Valparaiso, FL

Bridge Loan

ARV: $380,000

1-year fixed

LTV: 85%

Rehab & Sell

Niceville, FL

Bridge Loan

ARV: $340,000

1-year fixed

LTV: 90%

Rehab & Sell

Virginia Beach, VA

Rental Loan

ARV: $380,000

30-year fixed

cash-out LTV: 72%

Refinance & Hold